How much is it worth?

Are you interested in purchasing a collectible? Would you like to know how much something is worth? To answer these questions is why we developed

We set out to create a simple way to quickly get an estimate of how much some of our collectibles are worth so we built

Retrieving completed sales data form eBay, the largest marketplace for collectibles in the world, provides the best method for determining the current market value for an item. Actual sales data shows what price a buyer is willing to pay for an item and at what price a seller is willing to part with that item. Compiling a list of these completed sales can give a broad view of the current state of the market. Given that the sales data includes transactions over a period of a few months can also help one to ascertain trends in prices. The sales data includes information about condition and grading of items to further help determine value for a particular comparable item. just launched as a beta stage application in March 2020 and we anticipate adding additional functionality over the coming weeks and months.

Currently, we provide search engines for prices of items in the following categories:


Sports Cards

Action Figures


Star Wars

Funko Pop